Soft RIBs – Hard Ride

Tony ElliotGeneral

Why do some RIBs still give a spine shattering ride in the rough? Some thoughts afloat and at speed by regular contributor Tony Lee-Elliott of Flatacraft. In my view, not … Read More

Italy to Croatia

Kevin GouldingGeneral

Pordenone to Umag Associazione Gommonauti Pordenonesi known as the AGP for short, is one of the most active RIB Clubs in Italy. The city of Pordenone straddles the crystal clear … Read More

Williams Diesel Jet

Staff WriterArticles

Oxford-based Williams Jet Tenders says its new Dieseljet 415 will make its world debut in January 2021. The company says that the market has been demanding a smaller Dieseljet since … Read More

Selva 2021 Line Up

Staff WriterArticles

Mark Pullinger the UK and Ireland Marine Agent for Selva tells us that 2021 will see new outboard models to fill the last small gaps in the Selva 4-stroke line … Read More

Drystack Free Offer

Staff WriterArticles

Trafalgar Group announce boat buyers incentive to boost autumn boat purchases Despite the spring lockdown causing a halt to leisure boating, this summer has been strong for The Trafalgar Group. … Read More

Drive by Wire Outboards

Staff WriterArticles

New Suzuki DF115BG & DF140BG outboards are the first in class to offer drive-by-wire Suzuki is recognised worldwide for making advanced technology and innovative features available to boaters of all … Read More

Understanding DGPS

Redcar FishTechnical

Courtesy of Redcar Fish Want to know about the Differential Global Positioning System? It’s all here. Differential beacon transmissions for the correction of GPS satellite signals in the UK was … Read More

Understanding GPS

Redcar FishTechnical

Courtesy of Redcar Fish The way a GPS set finds its position is very much the same as the way you might take a fix using radar ranges. Suppose the … Read More

Echo Sounders

Redcar FishTechnical

Courtesy of Redcar Fish Firstly we will ask the question, why do you require an echo sounder? An Echo Sounder will give you a picture of what lies directly under … Read More

# 15 Stepped Hulls

Lorne CampbellTechnical

Steps are all the rage these days in planing craft, and particularly so in the continuing development of the RIB. They were introduced at the beginning of the 1900s and … Read More