Inflatable Boat Tube RepairsInflatable boat repairs and all you need to know about how to identify the construction material of your inflatable boat. The inflatable boat models which normally use these types of materials are also listed. Posts on how to repair your inflatable tubes. In addition articles on how to re-fit valves when they need replacement.

If you’re looking to repair with patches, it’s essential to know what fabric your inflatable tubes are made from. With two types of material used in tube construction, it’s also very important to use the correct adhesive for the material. The same applies to the replacement of any valves on your rigid hull inflatable boat or inflatable.

Materials and valves can be obtained from which are a leading supplier of all things for inflatable boat repairs.  They also sell products to maintain your inflatable boat. They will also repair your boat on request.

Follow the article links below to learn about each type of material, how to repair and how to re-fit any leaking valves.