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It looks like you may have found the perfect place for some onshore adrenaline rush! We'll you have come to the right place, hotRIBS, the very first RIB e-zine is still going strong after some 20 years online.  Now refreshed a little, but we still have those essential articles.  For example how to find out what tube material is on your RIB and just as important, how to repair them.  Some technical articles too on setting up your RIB for best performance from marine architects and industry experts along with our staff writers with some 30 years experience using RIBs.  Read the views from Bellows, a long established ribster and  if you have a good story to tell we'll publish that too.

Purposefully we have as our new normal opted for a little of the 'old' way.  Rather than automatic digital downloads  we will provide you with a hard copy of our essential RIB Buying Guide for pre-owned boats which includes a 40 point check list.  This useful leaflet could simply save you hundreds of pounds. The same goes if you wish to sell your RIB, simply send us a photo(s), copyright free and a full description and we'll do the rest.  We'll keep it on site for three months and all for free!

Hopefully you will find something of interest in our pages and of course check out our facebook page using the icon at the top of the page.  The icons below are to share the site with your friends as you like. Please email us if you have any comments to make on our content or wish to make a contribution.

Caveat:  We won't enter in to correspondence in regard to complaints about products or services, or answer questions in regard to requests for valuations or technical support.  Other than this caveat please surf our pages and enjoy the Craic!

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