Round Ireland

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Sponsored and supported by the Suzuki team this short video brings you the excitement of an Ireland circumnavigation.

# 10 Bellows on the road …

Tony Le ElliottBellows

One of my customers recently broke a transom stay and when I went to recover the craft for repairs I realised that the other stay was also about to rip … Read More

# 09 Summers here …

Tony Le ElliottBellows

Yep, the sun is over the yard-arm once again and it’s that time of year when a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do! With his RIB … Read More

# 08 Watch and learn …

Tony Le ElliottBellows

Holidaying in Blakeney, Norfolk, just after the war, we used to make almost daily trips, depending on the tide, in Stratton Long’s motorboat ferries out to the Blakeney Point, an … Read More

# 07 Ready steady go …

Tony Le ElliottBellows

As I walked around the Earls Court Boat Show, I felt the buzz of the occasion. This atmosphere has taken some forty-seven years to build and I wondered if it … Read More

# 06 Kill cords … think about them!

Tony Le ElliottBellows

Automatic Craft Immobiliser, that is what Kill-Cords are, as far as powered craft are concerned. The correct fitting of the Kill-Cord is very important, especially in fast planing boats. These … Read More

# 05 Safety first …

Tony Le ElliottBellows

My theme for this contribution to hotRIBS is …  do not rush your boating, either in preparation, launching or manoeuvring   ‘Safety First’ is a boating ‘must’. When we are … Read More

# 04 Tides can be important …

Tony Le ElliottBellows

I have just been down to Gibraltar where the Atlantic creeps around Spain and into the Mediterranean, so there is still a tidal difference of some note. My younger son … Read More

# 03 Off to a great start

Tony Le ElliottBellows

The first article got off to a great start and created lots of interest. I had some interesting feedback from hotRIBsters, to which I replied, and I encourage others to … Read More