# 13 Blueprinting

Lorne CampbellTechnical

Blueprinting is a colloquial term for bringing any piece of machinery as manufactured to its specification as designed. The term is well known when applied to engines but less understood … Read More

# 12 Trimming devices

Lorne CampbellTechnical

The fastest RIB is no use if you can’t control it.  Assuming a conservative, fairly heavy boat with its centre of gravity (CG ) not too far aft, throttle and … Read More

# 11 Porpoising

Lorne CampbellTechnical

A porpoise ‘porpoising’ looks smooth and energy efficient; a boat doesn’t and isn’t!   This action is constant, rhythmic pitching up and down of an out of trim planing craft … Read More

Aquarius Inflatables

Staff WriterVideos

A thrilling video ride with the world champions. Although filmed in 2013 this video gets the adrenaline going. I like the soundtrack on the video too.

Overboard – Waterproof Backpacks

Staff WriterNews Desk

A test conducted by our staff writer a few years ago. Still good today and the brand is now well established with a very wide range of waterproof products.

Williams Sportjet 345 & 395

Staff WriterNews Desk

These unique jets offer expert sea-keeping ability and manoeuvrability, allowing owners to explore remote coastlines, as well as providing endless hours of water-sports fun for the whole family.

Are your Tubes uPVC or Hypalon ?

Staff WriterTube Repair

Looking to repair your tubes or replace any valves on your rigid hull inflatable boat or inflatable? It’s essential to know what tube material your RIB has been constructed with so you know which glue to use. This article tells you how to test the material.