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Corrosion Block
By: Kevin Goulding
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Corrosion Blocks
12oz Aerosol


It's that time of year!
Well for most users of rigid hull inflatable boats it's the time of year to be thinking about winterising the boat and engine. One product I feel you should seriously take a look at is this professional corrosion inhibitor, which is relatively new on the UK marine scene.

At this year's professional boat show SeaWork earlier in the year, I came across this product which claimed outright that it 'killed corrosion on contact'. Quite a profound statement which intrigued me. As we all know saltwater can shorten the life and destroy our RIB's electrical wiring and also quickly make the spark plugs in the engine block solid due no doubt to our perfect climate for ensuring rapid corrosion on our beloved boats.

Dave Heppell, from Adams Aviation, has been so impressed with the product that his company has started to import it from the states. Initially targeted for the aviation maintenance and repair industry the product meets all relevant aviation authority approvals for use on private and commercial aircraft. Uniquely coloured blue it comes as both a grease for mechanical contact parts, and an aerosol for electrical wiring and as a penetrant.

I obtained some grease and aerosol and have recently taken the opportunity to use both products during the winterisation of my little Zodiac Mk II GT runabout, fitted with an old but reliable Mariner 25hp. Firstly I used the grease on all linkages and then in my grease gun for all the various nipple points. The aerosol was used to cover the electrical wiring and was also sprayed around the spark plugs. My first impression was very positive, to touch the product is very reassuring, it's clean and silky smooth for a start and one can appreciate the claims that it will stop existing corrosion, prevent new forming and is slow to deteriorate (it has a 12 to 18 month active life). It's use on boat brightwork was also advocated as it puts an invisable protective coat on all items it comes into contact with.

It's a very efficient penetrant, without loosening structural attachments and an excellent lubricant, without having any wax, silicon or Teflon additives (which actually seal in moisture thereby aggravating and perpetuating the corrosion process).

I'll have to wait until next season to see how it has performed overall but I'm confident enough to use it and I'm sure it will not disappoint. Before I used it however I tested, in a non technical way I must say, on a very old pair of garden secateurs. These were one of those favourite items, but had seized solid with years of sticky plant sap, surface rusting from being left out in the rain, and were destined for the bin. After a good soaking using the aerosol spray, left for five minutes, then wiped clean with a cloth, bingo! A fully restored quality pair of secateurs back in business. This certainly gave me lots of brownie points with the other half who does all the gardening as I have little time for that when one loves boating! And it saved me £20 for a replacement pair, leaving more to spend on the boat. Great!

Prices inclusive of VAT:
4 oz pump Spray £6.45
12 oz Aerosol £12.99
Quart Bottle £27.61 (with pump sprayer)
4 Litre Bottle £99.19

2oz Tube £3.80
16oz Tub £9.55

For a full technical description, detailed applications and performance expectations visit http://www.corrosionblock.co.uk/marine.htm You can also locate your nearest stockist from the website.

October 2007

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