Redbay Boats
when you must go to sea

Designed and built by lifeboat men! Redbay Boats have been constructing strong sea-worthy craft since 1977. Originally producing wooden boats, fishing boats and speed boats, they have for the past 15 years been producing Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats. Located in the Glens of Antrim just 16 miles across from the Western Isles of Scotland, and Rathlin Island just around the corner with its infamous tidal streams of the Northern Channel, this location has had a great influence on the continued development of Redbay Boats' evolution.

With one of the most demanding maritime environments on its doorstep these boats are preferred by professionals and rib enthusiasts prepared to venture into some of the most demanding Atlantic seas in the northern hemisphere. Such is its location and the continued specification of Yamaha's stern hydra drives in these craft that Redbay are now the largest installers of these engines in Europe. As such, Yamaha use Redbay Boats and its surrounding waters for testing and measuring the continued performance and development of their engines. These waters have seen in the past the rescue of Richard Branson from his failed Atlantic Balloon record attempt to latterly the sinking of Alan Priddy's 'Spirit of Cardiff' enroute back to North America. Fortunately all were rescued safely by the local RNLI and marine service agencies.


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