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Avon Super Seariders
Review by Kevin Goulding
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" probably the best professional hull design in the world.."


Avon 760 Searider
Now that Avon Inflatables are part of the Zodiac International Group, both staff movement and technology sharing is now beginning to bear fruit. With Avon Seariders already very well developed and highly regarded in a consolidated professional market, it must have been hard to see how this pedigree could be taken to its next stage in the 21st century.

By bringing together probably the world's best tube manufacturers in Hypalon ™, Avon at Llanelli South Wales, with a hull design from probably the world's best professional RIB hull designers, ZHT in Vancouver, Avon Inflatables have launched an awesome world beating pair of new models for the military and commercial market sector.


This new Super (my description) Searider has recently been launched to service a mid-size professional RIB requirement. Designated the Searider 760 (7.6m) this unit is very competitively priced within this market sector. All new Avon professional craft are designed for global use, no matter how demanding the operating conditions. Professional sectors include: offshore oil, fire & emergency, safety, search & rescue, law enforcement, fishery patrol, customs & excise, harbours, marinas, coastguard and defence.

On first viewing, the obvious differences between the existing Searider range and these new models are the squared off bow and the transom extension. The hidden difference is without doubt the hull form but a little more about this later.



The squared off bow provides more buoyancy for managing head seas even better, as does the assistance given by the increased bow shear. This new feature is also very useful when commercial work involves a 'nudge' up to mooring/navigation buoys or when having to provide access over the bow in certain rescue situations.

The transom extension is 300mm, which keeps the power unit installation completely remote from the deck platform. The advantage in keeping the deck clean and tidy can't be overemphasized on a working rig. The transom extension also keeps the deep vee hull length to 7.3m making the boat lighter in weight and more responsive whilst still performing as a 7.6m hulled boat.

Hull form is completely new to the Searider range. First of all, the hull keeps the tubes above the waterline when at rest. For this deep vee hull the change in tube height has made the performance astounding, no doubt aided by a little deadrise and a small planing pad.

The hull and tubes have been specifically designed to work together to provide exceptional stability in adverse sea states.


This latest Searider certainly makes for a very fast take-off and you are literally up and on the plane in a matter of seconds.

The seven valved tube-set are Hypalon ™ as expected from Avon and finished to their highest standards with plenty of reinforcement patches, extensive grab handles and tie down points. Heavy duty rubbing strakes are fitted along the tubes.

The fastening system for the tubes is deck bolted with straps to the transom for easy removal and refitting. The fitting of the tubes above the waterline also means that the deck level is a little higher. Some may feel that you are sat on, rather than in the deck as on the more traditional Searider designs. A benefit of this is that the deck always remains dry.

Pushed hard with twin 150hp outboards and completing fast tight turns very quickly demonstrated the boat's remarkable safety and security performance.

Indeed it's the attributes of a large flat deck, comfy fat tubes which when fitted to a performance hull makes the new Searider an exceptionally professional platform.


" probably makers of the best tube sets in the world.. "


" transom extension on the new super searider 670 hull.."

Avon 670 Searider
This is another new model from the Avon Searider stable introduced at the same time as the larger 760 model. Based on the same hull design as the 760, although of a shorter length and narrower beam, it retains the squared off bow and transom extension but carries a slightly smaller tube diameter. This model is obviously lighter in weight and can be powered by much smaller outboards. The difference in 'footprint' will suit some professional users and although a smaller craft, it's overall performance other than top end speed was comparable in every respect to its larger brother.

June 2005

Basic Boat Prices

SR 670 for power units 2 x 90hp or 1 x 180hp
SR 760 for power units 2 x 150hp or 1 x 300hp
Ex works Llanelli South Wales
All prices are Ex VAT

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