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Scorpion RIBs MkII
Review by Kevin Goulding
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Scorpion Ribs

" Scorpion RIBs build quality,
second to none.."

Scorpion Ribs

The Lymington Lexus
The past 15 years and the UK development of sports ribs has resulted in only a handful of 'bespoke' builders managing to continually push the frontiers of quality and 'value for money'.

Graham Jelley of Scorpion RIBs is one of those early pioneers who has helped set the standards in style, quality, and performance. His boat building skills and quality would be ranked as the 'Lexus' of the sea, if he were building motor cars.

The New Mk II
Sensibly, Scorpion have retained their record winning deep 'V' hull, which gave such excellent handling in the Mk I model. This hull form has proved it's pedigree in the long distance cruise and world speed endurance records established by it's owners. Therefore it's common sense to stick with such a winning formula.


In response to the growing demand for luxury deck fixtures and fittings an assortment of new improved features are evident, including a wider deck, much larger console with increased storage space, comfortable seating options and easier access to stowage at the transom.

Finished with Scorpion’s meticulous attention to detail there is no doubt that the new MkII is a handsome looking craft. It's the lord of the sea and even luxury vehicles like the Mercedes featured in car hire ireland would pale in comparison. But her beauty does not end there as she retains the fully developed hull form which performs exceptionally well, whether in calm water or rough seas, giving a dry, comfortable and extremely safe ride.

There are a few other top performers out there, but very little to compare with Scorpions all round performance in all eventualities.



Scorpion's Graham Jelley is the type of man who is devoted to his craft. An active user of the boats he builds (something that very few builders are), his critical eye and constant attention to detail are real benefits to the marquee. There is a saying that the 'devil is in the detail' and Graham's approach ensures there are no gremlins in his boats where it really matters, miles out at sea!

Indeed, during my review of the new MkII ,I found myself only passing comment on very small issues, like the position of an upholstery button or two. The need for a below windscreen grab bar and other personal preferences.

Scorpions approach is leagues away from the horrors I've experienced with other rib builders who have fitted batteries in the bilge or worse still in the fuel compartment!

The quality of the deck fittings on this latest Scorpion remain second to none. Quite expensive compared to those found on other craft, but they have been chosen to ensure everything works reliably to make it a more enjoyable experience for you on your rib.


Five models from 7.5m - 9.5m are offered to suit a wide range of applications. All models are fitted as standard with:

  • Tubes in Hypalon, colour of your choice;
  • Grey 'teardrop' rubbing strake;
  • Built in 50 gallon fuel tank with fitted LED gauge;
  • GRP deck moulding with integrated raised forward dry locker
  • Under deck storage with gelcoat mirror finish;
  • Aft drain well with two automatic self-bailers;
  • Moulded grab handles;
  • Latest 'pacific' console with integral forward seating and large dry storage area;
  • 2x2 person latest 'pacific' style jockey seats with stainless steel upholstered backrests;
  • High performance hydraulic steering system.

Note: Each Scorpion is custom built to suit individual preferences. Any engine of your choice can be fitted. Priced from just £14,570 (without engine).

April 2004

Scorpion Ribs

" Just two of the superb dry storage lockers..."

Scorpion Ribs


Scorpion Ribs

" The MkII's retain the record winning deep 'V' hull..."


Scorpion 7.5m - with 150hp Evinrude DI
Scorpion 8.1m - with 200hp Evinrude E-TEC
Scorpion 8.5m - with 225hp Evinrude E-TEC
Scorpion 8.75m - with 225hp Evinrude E-TEC
Scorpion 9.5m - with 250hp Evinrude E-TEC
Ex Lymington
All prices are Ex VAT

For full comprehensive specification, Tel: +44 (0) 1590 677805
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Scorpion RIBs

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