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Humber 8.5 Ocean Pro
Review by Paul Mahy - Courtesy of Sportsboat & RIB Magazine Visit their site www.sportsboat.co.uk
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Space Man
With the central aft space taken up by engine there are two bailers port and starboard. A high interior deck on these craft makes maximum use of the internal space and thanks to a generous beam there is plenty of room to walk around inside them. Both craft have D-section fendering along the vulnerable tube areas, as well as a double vertical section to protect the nose.

Safety lines are positioned along the straight sections.

These RIBs drive well, the outboard version livelier than the diesel naturally

  but both were nimble and gripped well. My favourite was the diesel possibly because of the extra weight and economy, but the outboard version was an exciting drive.

Both craft get up out of the hole well, the outboard rig seeming almost instant Being equipped with twin ram hydraulic steering makes light work of the handling of these craft and they possess an encouraging balance between heel and speed when turning.

Downside dealt with
During the test I did express a couple of points of criticism about the RIBs. But, I'd only confirmed what Humber already new



and had planned to change. The first was the windscreen and surrounding steel rail. Seated or standing, I felt that if either craft twitched or bucked sharply, I'd receive the fall impact of the afore mentioned.

In addition to which, both the craft have a very high sheer to the bow and I found that my vision was hindered.

Like I said, Humber were already aware of this and right after their exhibiting at RIBEX, the diesel 8.5 was altered and took part in the Round-Scotland cruise, which was a great trial for hen She is reported to have handled well and achieved impressive results. On completion of the event Humber redesigned the driver and navigator positions.


Raising the seating positions has nipped the visibility problems in the bud, while with a re-shuffle of the screen and rail Humber assure me that there is no longer a danger.

Hull Design
The hull is muti-chined. This is not only to achieve a quick planing attitude, but also to resist sitting down when carrying a full load through a large sea. I am also informed that these are an exceptionally dry craft, but I cannot confirm or deny this as the weather was more suited to a day in the Med' than the Solent on our test day.

With high build quality and in house production, Humber are extremely proud of their achievements. These are well

" Seated or standing, I felt that if either craft twitched or bucked sharply, I'd receive the fall impact of the afore mentioned "


turned out craft with a lot of experience behind them relating to all aspects of the RIB world.

So if you fancy a look at these or any other of Humber's products, give them a call and they will be only too happy to help.

Review by Paul Mahy - For further information contact: ribs4sale
8.5 Diesel
8.5 Outboard
Length -
27'8" (8.5m)
27'8" (8.5m)
Internal Length -
22'6" (6.9m)
22'6" (6.9m)
Beam -
9'2" (2.9m)
9'2" (2.9m)
Internal Beam -
5'7" (1.75m)
5'7" (1.75m)
Tube Size -
1'7" (0.53m)
1'7" (0.53m)
Weight -
4409lbs (2000kg)
3858lbs (1750kg)
Engine -
Mercruiser D4.2L
250hp Turbo Diesel
2225 XL Mercury
Fuel Capacity -
Price as tested -
34,986 (inc VAT)
37.994 (inc VAT)


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