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Valiant DR600-DR750
Review by Paul Mahy - Courtesy of Sportsboat & RIB Magazine Visit their site www.sportsboat.co.uk
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" Holding her turns well she felt well balanced, the heel matching the speed well without falling into the turn and equally, not remaining too level forcing them on board to counter lean..."


The DR 750
The Royal Lymington Yacht Club found their way to becoming Valiant clients as well. Needing a boat to transport sailors and their gear around to and from the Yacht Club, they wanted something stable, economical, room and comfortable.

Above all, it had to be safe and capable of carrying quite a load. They decided that a Valiant would be the best option and so went for the 7.5m version with a diesel inboard.

Need For Space
Requiring internal space, the 750 on test had no internal seating, apart from along the tubes. People would only need to be aboard for the duration of the trip from the quay to their mooring, so there was no need to rig this RIB for people

  travelling long distances at speed, although she is quite capable of doing so.

Instead, the idea is to hop on board and sit on the tube, leaving your kit in the centre ready to hop off onto your boat.

In the Drivers Seat
A centre stand-up console provides housing for the instrumentation and controls, which like the 600, are ergonomically well placed. Support for the driver is in the form of a padded bolster bar, which does its job in sterling fashion. Powered by a 150hp Volvo AD31P-DPE turbo diesel duo prop, this RIB sits well on the water at rest and at low speeds, a crucial factor when its job is the safe transfer of people on the water (and I would imagine in various states of sobriety)


Even considering this RIB's size, she got planing very quickly and the Volvo 150 proved to be an ideal match by not hindering the boat by weight but providing enough power to propel the 750 up to around 38 knots.

She turned well and held her line in other washes without chine riding. She offers plenty of power to make her flin or to push sailors and their gear around easily.

Special Needs
As already stated, these craft were set up for specific tasks and their interiors and looks reflect that.

However, Valiant will custom build your craft to whatever you desire and their


comprehensive standard specification will prevent you having to put your hand in your pocket again and again for those little must have items.

The DR750 once again mirrors the standard spec of the smaller 600 with a few differences, obviously the type of power unit.

With the diesel option, other benefits are found such as power steering as standard. All in all, a sound boat whose capabilities far outweigh her working demands.



Review by Paul Mahy -
For further information contact:
Length Overall -
19'6" (6.0m)
24'6" (7.5m)
Beam (Exterior) -
8'2" (2.5m)
9'2" (2.8m)
Beam (Interior) -
4'4" (1.35m)
5'2" (1.6m)
Fuel Capacity -
55 gals (250ltrs)
77 gals (350ltrs)
Dry Weight -
1452lbs (660kg)
1496lbs (680kg)
Engine -
Mariner 150hp
150hp Volvo
Price -
18,500 (inc VAT)
28,299 (inc VAT)

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Rigid Inflatable Boats : RIBS and Inflatables