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Southampton Boatshow 2015

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The Spectacular Red Arrows
Show Performance


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Southampton Review
11 - 20 September

A grand display of some 16 established rib manufacturers / dealers were on the hard and on water showing off good examples of family sports, dive and performance ribs as well as serious safety/commercial ribs from the suppliers of: Ballistic, Brigg, Cobra, Grand Boats, Highfield, Island, Piranha, Ranieri, Redbay, Rib-X, Ribcraft, Ribeye, Ribquest, Stingher, Williams and XS Ribs. Gone are the days of those large Avons and Zodiacs on display.

One of two show stealers was the world premier of the Stingher 900 GT an 8.8m from the MRL Ribs stable. This 3.3m beamed rib is CE rated at 430hp max., Cat B and has a 12 person carrying capacity. Edward Pedley, owner of MRL, first started importing Stingher Ribs into the UK from Italy in 2004. Built in Milan by Giuseppe Risolo and his son Andrea who have four Hi Tec factories, they have been building ribs since 1987. They are always striving to improve and it shows with the quality build and superb finish they achieve. Their latest 8.8m is no exception and it’s well worth a good look over at this level of ribbing.

A second impressive new range of models to the UK for the first time again has an Italian origin and come from the stables of Ranieri. They are distributed by Reddish Marine of Salcombe who brought two models to the show. A new 6m, GRAND CAYMAN 19 SPORT and another new model at 7m the GRAND CAYMAN 23 SPORT. Both of these performance sports ribs were found to be exceptionally well finished and offered luxurious features at an all in package price. The 19S features S wrap Hypalon tubes, integral 100L fuel tank & a CE-B rated offshore hull. The centre console is designed to be used in either seated or standing post position and the deck is self bailing . The bow section features a huge storage locker & luxurious seating area that easily adapts into a sunbed. The pricing on the show models was crystal clear, what you see is what you buy. An approach to be applauded as there are no hidden extras. These models are well worth casting an eye over for those fun lazy days in the sun.

Two homegrown rib manufacturers who continue to make recreational ribs of all types remain RIBCRAFT and REDBAY. They are well suited to the waters in our northern climes, even though their products meet the demands of the commercial, military and rescue organisations both displayed some of their latest models made for specific discerning clients. Rebay leaked that they currently have a new 12m in development which will be available early next year.

Outboards continue to be one of the biggest expenses in any RIB package. Hi-tech stuff abounds around these products as each year they move towards astounding performance levels and electronic wizardry. In attempts to catch the eye some bright and beautiful paint jobs are carried out on the cowls. There does seem little enthusiasm though to apply serious thought to making models at a practical level of performance and lowering pricing levels to enable more cost effective rib deals to be made. The rebranding of SELVA in the UK may provide a break through in this respect. Their talk about detuning of thoroughbred outboards for peak torque and fuel economy along with a more modest pricing structure probably makes for some waves in the near future.

This Southampton Boat Show is the first UK show with the new Yamaha F150D. Improving on an engine as iconic and successful as the F150 was difficult. It is said to be the world’s most popular 150 hp, four-stroke outboard of all time. Yamaha engineers have taken the F150 to another level by introducing new driver-friendly features, as well as some of the latest developments from Yamaha’s other most recent and advanced engines.

Suzuki claimed top market share in Europe and has been at the forefront of outboard technology since the launch of its first outboard, the D55, in 1965 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary during 2015.

We have a small selection of photographs taken at the show.
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Sept 2015