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Chirpy Chirpy - Cheap Cheap

Dag Pike

Raymarine have announced a range of fish finder sonars in what is being marketed as part of their Dragonfly product line. Targeted at fishermen I feel they have missed a beat and need to also roll out to sub-aqua divers who very often use RIBs to visit dive sites. Many years ago we often used basic echo sounders on our inflatables to help locate drop offs, pinnacles and wrecks. Today more sophisticated fixed GPS and sonars are commonly fitted to RIB consoles.

Raymarine Wi-Fish

As this technology continually improves it was exciting to see one of the new units from Raymarine using onboard wi-fi to deliver powerful visual data to a smart phone. Their CHIRP (an acronym for Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse) sonar product is sensitive enough to show remarkable detail of the sea bottom including fish, so to see divers down should not be a problem and in what is almost photographic quality imagery.

As part of Raymarine’s Dragonfly range their Wi-Fish black box wireless sonar is designed to work exclusively with smartphones and tablets from anywhere onboard. Using Raymarine’s free Wi-Fish mobile app divers can view, pause and rewind sonar imagery, making it easy to record favourite dive spots and share with friends online. With a price point of £199 (inc vat) this black box is, I feel, destined for success.

Jan 2015