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Travel Insurance Cover for Ribsters


Travel Insurance for Ribsters


New travel policy from Towergate Mardon
Boat and marine insurance provider Towergate Mardon has launched a new travel policy offering greater flexibility for boat and dinghy enthusiasts. It has generous allowances for trip cancellation, medical expenses and baggage and in recognition of the adventurous nature of mariners, places no restrictions on offshore waters, plus allows PADI/BASC qualified diving down to 50 metres (unqualified 18 metres).

The policy is available to EU residents and pays up to £5,000 trip cancellation costs, £10m medical expenses and £2,500 for lost or damaged baggage. As well as many leisure activities (including winter sports and golf), it covers competitive sailing and professional racing.

Available on a single or multi-trip basis, the policy is more extensive than standard travel policies. Single trip provides cover from three to 180 days and there are no upper age limits. A multi, or annual policy, covers up to 90 days per trip (the number of which are unlimited) and the upper age constraint is 75.

There are options to reduce the policy excess and cover existing medical conditions, such as asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure, subject to approval when declared at policy inception.

TM’s Managing Director, Nigel Mills, explains why boat enthusiasts need a new policy: “Standard travel policies follow a ‘one size fits all philosophy’ – they restrict the number of days they will cover, cite offshore limitations, only allow recreational diving to 30m and do not cater for EU residents who want access to UK-based insurance. Our policy not only has differing levels of cover and options – reflecting customers and not insurers’ needs - but is competitively priced.”

Travel Insurance for Ribsters

For further information visit: Ribster Travel Insurance or phone 0800 515629

Nov 2010