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Bear Grylls Ribquest Goes Ultrasonic


Bear Grylls 10m Ribquest
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The world’s leading manufacturer of ultrasonic antifouling systems, Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd has recently provided its Ultra System to adventurer and TV host, Bear Grylls. The system uses high frequency, low power sound waves to destroy algae and therefore prevent weed and barnacle growth, and has been fitted to Bear’s new 10m Ribquest RIB for use on his downtime from filming.

With years of experience in challenging terrain and conditions, including a record breaking transatlantic crossing in an open 11m RIB, Bear Grylls knows how tough the elements can be and comments on why he chose the Ultra System:

“With time a rare commodity, I simply want to just get on the water and have time in my Ribquest RIB without the hassle of maintenance and seasonal antifouling disturbing my rare time off. Having tested many antifoul products, I have seen the Ultrasonic Antifouling system work over the past four months and barnacles, I hope are a distant memory.”

David Sothcott, Director of Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd says, “The Ultra System does indeed help save time for owners getting ready for boating or preparing to lay-up their boats for the winter season, as it is installed only once and reduces the need for conventional annual antifouling by preventing algae growth and barnacle infestation at the outset. The result is cost and labour effective, ensuring that the boat maintains its performance on the water throughout the duration of the season and subsequently helps save on unnecessary fuel consumption that can be caused by a heavily soiled hull.

“Whilst the System can be installed with the boat in the water, at this time of year when many boat owners are having their hull scrubbed and cleaned, now is a preferable time to be thinking about improving their antifouling solution for their boat.”

Oct 2010