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Southampton Boat Show - 2010


Spitfire Show Stopper

IBS Boats - Valiant Ribs on Display (above)

Some of the new Scorpion Strike
Development Team (below)



Fresh from sailing around the south coast of England for ITV1’s recent All At Sea three-part series, Dawn Porter and Nick Hancock officially marked the opening of the PSP Southampton Boat Show in Mayflower Park on Friday 10 September.

Taking advantage of their new-found sea legs, Dawn and Nick arrived separately into the Show’s marina by an original World War Two Royal Navy gun boat and a World War Two RAF high speed rescue launch to kick off the celebrations.

The historic RAF boat, a 64 foot High Speed Launch, was originally used to recover pilots during the Battle of Britain. The Royal Navy gun boat is a 71½ foot motor launch capable of reaching 40 knots which was involved in countering the German E boat raids on allied shipping and attacking German convoys in the North Sea and the Channel.

Joining the Battle of Britain commemorations, an original Grace Spitfire ML 407 flew above the gun boat as it approached the Show marina. Then the Spitfire provided a 15-minute display of pure nostalgia. Its throaty roar created a moving atmosphere as the show marked the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

RIB Debutante
Following this crowd stopping display it was going to be hard to stop the public once again in its tracks. But there was to be one of the most striking events for RIBSTERS for many a year at the show. It was the debut of a stunning new model from Scorpion Ribs. To see this model and more importantly the latest colour, view our SBS Photo Gallery which illustrates an interesting stern hull configuration too!   Please leave your comments on the gallery to tell us your views about this new model.

Do You Know Your RIB's?
This year we have decided to have a rib console competition to see if you know your ribs! With more than 40 different console designs and layouts on show we are offering two pairs of tickets for the 2011 London Boat Show at Excel. For full details on how to enter visit our Console Competition Gallery.

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