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Steves Story - Spirit of Cardiff
Extracts published courtesy of Alan Priddy
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Steve Lloyd
Steve Lloyd


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21st August, 2002 - Steve Lloyd, one of the original crew aboard the Spirit of Cardiff on this incredible journey, now with time to compose his thoughts about how events unfolded...

"It is hard to believe that it has only been five weeks since I suffered that heart attack on the closing leg of Around the World. I know that I am lucky to be alive and my thanks go out to Alan & Clive for keeping me this way. There were times I didn't think that I would live and I will always know that both of my crew mates felt the same, in some ways for them it must have been worse.

Those of you that know Alan, and understand his sense of humour, will be pleased to know that at the height of the attack to take my mind off dying he casually asked me a question.

"Steve, can I have your watch if you don't make it?" There was no way he was going to have my watch! Even in times of extreme stress Alan can still think of a way of making people fight for life.

So much has happened since that fateful morning...

I can remember feeling hugely embarrassed and sad about having to be airlifted from the Spirit of Cardiff after all we had all been through together. The punishment of weeks in mountainous seas, the cold, the heat and tropical storms are now a part of my history but for Alan & Clive they have to face their ultimate test of strength and get back into the boat to finish the trip.

For obvious reasons I will not be joining them for the final part of what has been an incredible journey.

To travel so far in such a small boat, meeting so many different people and making so many new friends has been something that I will always remember. I will be with them in spirit and mind all the way, and what ever happens I will be on the quayside in Cardiff to welcome them back.

To all of you from all over the world who sent in the hundreds of get-well wishes, I have had the time to read them all over and over again. Some made me laugh and some made me cry and more than anything, I am glad to be around to read them."