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EURIB - Pordenone to Grado Page 1/7
by Frances Goulding

  In mid-September the Associazione Gommonauti Pordenonesi organised their annual RIB raid, the 24th Gommonata Europea da Pordenone al mare in northern Italy. The event was well attended by RIBsters from Germany, Switzerland and England as well as Italy, and I think it's safe to say that a very good time was had by all. 

The event started on Friday 15 September with an impressive selection of 35 RIBs on the River Noncello at Pordenone. Local dignitaries along with interested onlookers lined the banks for the official start and the event was blessed by the local bishop, who then climbed aboard the first RIB to cut the
ribbon across the river and send us on our way.

River Noncello - Start at Pordenone
The RIBs made a colourful sight as they followed the course of the river, which twisted and turned for some 50 km before we joined the marine canal system of north-east Italy. By lunchtime we arrived at the marina of Porto di Baseleghe where some delicious food had been laid on for us. We sat at long trestle tables and ate, drank, relaxed and socialised for a good couple of hours before continuing on our way to Grado....

The start banner at Pordenone

Blessing of the flotilla
chart of course

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