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The Swiss Lake District saw three European Clubs participate in Peter Zurrer's well organised tour of this historical kanton of Switzerland.


Peter Zurrer, with the help and support of Heinz Karrer, arranged what turned out to be a series of hatricks for their midsummer weekend event. Three days for the event, three European clubs, three visits to castles, all based on and around the three Lakes of Jura.

A truly international event with British, German, Swiss, Austrian, Liechtenstein and American nationalities represented. The three lakes, Lac de Neuchatel, Lac de Morat (known also as Lac de Muerten), and Lac de Bienne rest at the foot of the Jura mountains in west Switzerland close to the French border.
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    Grandson is a medieval town standing above the shores of Lac de Neuchatel. The surrounding countryside is great for walkers and cross-country skiers and there is a wine tasting cellar in the main street. The town is dominated by an 11th century church and the Grandson Castle.

This kanton, region of Switzerland is steeped in history since the lake dewllers of the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

In medieval times there were many bloody battles fought in the region, initially between landowning families and then by consolidated armies to keep out neighbouring invaders.

Conquered towns and villages had all their menfolk mass drowned or slaughtered, as was the practice at this time.

Knight's armour from the 15th century
on display in the Burgundy War Hall

  This barbaric period in Switzerland's history ultimately influenced the political decision to become and remain a neutral territory. In part of the castle an automotive museum is located displaying historical vehicles. In particular Churchill's car and the white Rolls Royce belonging to Greta Garbo.

The City of Neuchatel holds a commanding view on a clear day (the photo was taken late afternoon as the summer's day thunderstorm appeared above the lake).

Built at the estuary of a river the foreshore has since been recovered from the lake. A reduction in lake depth of 3 metres was engineered in order to connect the three lakes by canals without having to use locks.

At Neuchatel (Newcastle), another medieval Chateau dominates the old city buildings. The capital of the region, its squares, shops and markets, are a hive of activity.

The RIBS gather before heading north up the
lake to the city of Neauchatel.