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Naiad Inflatables - The Designers Kommuter
This Naiad is a sleek looking 6.8 Special Edition

It’s powered by a 225hp Yamaha fuel injected V6. The top speed is a modest 60mph as it is quite a heavy boat. Naiad coined the phrase "4 WHEEL DRIVE OF THE SEA" and this is where our emphasis lies. This is possibly because we live in a quiet little bay that can only be accessed by the sea.

This naturally enough means that every day we travel by Naiad to work and back again in whatever Mother Nature puts up.

So while speed is convenient, ride is important as is some protection so we don’t have to dress up for the journey.
Actually after 22 years it is still a most pleasant experience, no traffic lights, notraffic (most of the time), at times we see seals, dolphins, orca, fairy penguins and many other sea birds.

At night it is so dark out there we can see all the stars, satellites and the occasional space debri entering earth’s atmosphere as "falling stars". While at times we think the Harbour Board should do something about the "pot holes" it is usually a most comfortable, stress free way to travel to work. It is also a good way to keeping touch with the product and its performance in a variety of conditions. It can be mirror smooth or blowing 60 knots and
sometimes nearly 70 - 80 knots but more commonly 20 - 40 knots. Needless to say in this boat we carry people, groceries the odd fridge, settee, firewood, TV sets etc. etc. It’s a workhorse and after 18 months in the water still looks remarkably good. RIBs are a very convenient and practical means of transport on the water.

We simply step in the boat, start the motor, untie from the jetty (which takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute) and head off to work - not quite as

Naiad RIB

quick as getting into the car but then there is no traffic, roadwork’s etc. I just thought I should mention that again. It’s ever changing and never boring.

There can’t be many RIB or boat designers who travel to work in their product every day.